Basecamp can best be described as a holiday park and eco resort ‘new style’. It is an Eco-retreat in the making, where sustainability and self-sufficiency are central. It is a place where people experiment with new forms of living, working and recreation. As a guest you can stay overnight in one of the 33 unique Tiny Houses, but it is also possible to rent an office or meeting room.

Our mission

Developing a global network of Basecamp Remote Work Hubs and Tiny House Eco Retreats, suitable for digital nomads and environmentally conscious tourists.

Our vision

By opening several Basecamp locations, we will offer an international ‘residential subscription’ with which Digital Nomads can stay sustainably throughout the year in various Tiny Houses, in several countries. The best of travel, living and working, in a housing subscription for one monthly fee.


Basecamp is a breeding ground for disruptive ideas. Basecamp can also be used by start-ups to work on their business without interruptions (except for the sounds of the ocean). External parties are invited to organize boot camps and workshops that improve the skills of ‘digital nomads’.

The ultimate goal of Basecamp is that we build communities that are regenerative, remountable and ultimately no longer need infrastructure through the development of sustainability applications. The target group of Basecamp; digital nomads, young professionals and corporate companies, can subscribe to Basecamp to live, work and recreate at many A++ locations in the world.

Ecologically responsible

In recent months, the number of Tiny Houses has expanded and the latest models from, among others, ‘EcoCabins’, ‘Mill Home’ and ‘Compact Housing’ have been fully furnished in a sustainable way by well-known interior designers such as ‘Urban Nature Culture Amsterdam’ and ‘Dille & Kamille’. In addition to recreational rental, Basecamp is also a showcase location for environmentally conscious brands that want to test and present their latest products.

Offgrid and self-sufficient

At Basecamp, the sustainability transition is in full swing. Immediately past the entrance we see the 144 solar panels and a green battery and ‘SmartGrid’ (part of Koolen Industries). They ensure that Basecamp runs virtually “off grid”. There are also plenty of experiments with food production. The greenhouse made of recycled horticultural glass contains forgotten vegetables and rare crops. To taste soon. Read here more about Basecamp’s sustainability plans.

A meeting place

The site has been completely transformed in two years. From the car park to a ‘living lab’ for sustainability and circularity. Everything has a story. Basecamp is a unique meeting place where everyone is welcome. Our spacious terrace and an elevated platform with a beautiful view offer plenty of room for an (honest) drink from the Tiny Bar.
Various events and festivals are organized on the terrain, with sustainability as a starting point. If you want to organize something yourself, then Basecamp is the perfect place. In the ‘Refter’ (the big red barn) and
Tiny Offices‘ meetings, workshops and much more can take place, often in cooperation with the nearby beach pavilions.

International expansion

The ambition is to develop approximately 20 Basecamp eco-resorts with an average of 100 homes per location in the coming years. At prime locations on the beach or in the woods near cities such as Berlin, Lisbon, Malaga, Valencia, Bari etc. On Greece islands or islands such as Malta, Gozo and Sardinia. Our first location outside of The Netherlands will be in Tanzania. For more information about our international ambitions and developments click here.

There are also experiments with automated organic farming in our own greenhouses, in which forgotten vegetables are placed in a new light. Visitors and guests of Basecamp are actively informed, challenged and stimulated to think along in new solutions that they can apply in their own environment. Basecamp IJmuiden is therefore a place where people feel at ease, where people are inspired, and where people want to live, work and recreate.

Wake up to the sound of the sea?Spend the night in one of our unique Tiny Houses.