A sustainable and future-proof stay

For many Basecamp guests, sustainability is an important condition for a ultimate stay. Comfort and convenience remain the most important conditions, however for many it feels better knowing that both the environment and climate are taken into account. With the Kennermermeer nature reserve ate a mere stone’s throw distance from Basecamp, it becomes clear why we aim for a positive impact on the climate, biodiversity and ecological restoration of the immediate vicinity. Sustainability is inextricably linked to Basecamp, and as a core value it is both visibly and invisibly woven into the very fabric of all aspects of the campsite.

Sustainability per home

At Basecamp there are many different tiny houses that are manufactured by different producers. As a result, each house has its own solutions and applications in the field of sustainability. This can vary in terms of heating, energy generation, saving and storage, insulation, finishing, interior and water consumption. Each day we learn more about the quality of the materials used, the environmental benefits and the savings in terms of sustainability. The wide variety of applications used enables us to compare solutions quickly and take major steps in further development toward regenerative operations. This is why we consider every guest-stay as an important contribution to our sustainable experiment.

De Sustainable Development Goals

As a guideline for the further sustainable development of Basecamp, we have chosen a number of themes that are in line with the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations). Within the Basecamp organization we contribute in various ways to achieving the SDGs and these are integrated in the vision of Basecamp, but also in the mission and strategy, processes, chains, projects and partnerships.

Sustainable purchasing

By purchasing sustainably, small changes can have a big cumulative impact. In every tiny house, guests will find biodegradable cleaning products such as handsoap and detergent. In addition, we buy bulk packs of sustainable cleaning products and water-soluble capsules for professional cleaning of the houses. In doing so, we rare able to educe our plastic waste drastically.

Consumables such as toilet paper are also purchased sustainably from our supplier “the Good Roll”. The Good Roll is made from 100% recycled paper, without chlorine, dyes and fragrances, and donates 50% of revenue to the construction of toilets in developing countries. In addition to recurring purchasing, Basecamp is also making the transition to a plastic-free environment. This means that the inventory of all of the houses is gradually replaced by products made with more ecological-friendly properties such as FSC-certified wood or stainless steel.

Sustainable services

After each stay, all of the tiny house’s used linen is replaced. Towels, tea towels and bed linen are cleaned as sustainably as possible. By cleaning “in bulk”, the increase in scale results in a significant reduction in water and electricity usage. In addition to replacing the linen, the separated waste is also collected. Paper and plastic are recycled by our resource processing contractor.

Renewable energy

An important step towards self-sufficiency and a CO2 neutral Tiny House is the generation of energy from renewable sources. Many of the houses at Basecamp are equipped with solar panels and are connected to our hybrid network where energy surpluses are stored on batteries. Also we have placed 140 solar panels on the “Refter” and are planning on creating a wind turbine park in the parking lot. A new prototype of a silent wind turbine has already been installed to pilot the project. Together with the increase in storage capacity, these projects would make it be possible for Basecamp to operate self sufficiently .

Future plans

The developments at Basecamp are an ongoing proces. We make decisions about the sustainable expansion of the site on daily basis. Below you will find a selection of our future plans.

The development of a regenerative site

The next step in our sustainability plan is the further development of the site. With our future plans we should be able to run Basecamp at a CO2 neutral level, but we aim to go beyond sustainability and implement regenerative operations. This means that Basecamp will have a net positive effect on the climate, increases biodiversity, contributes to ecological recovery and achieves negative CO2 emissions.

Food production

One can only speak of self-sufficiency when the requirements for survival are met. These are shelter, food, water, energy (and safety). In the spring of 2021, Basecamp will start with the construction of several greenhouses and a permaculture system in which heirloom crops, forgotten vegetables and wil fruits will be grown. These will also become part of the menu!


In order to close the organic nutrient cycles, Basecamp is also starting a composting project to complement the greenhouses. Various methods are used for this, combining aerobic and anaerobic composting and biomeiler applications. IWith these methods all food waste created by Basecamp guests and the (vegetable) garden ”waste” can be processed to create nutritious compost.

Regenerative events

Due to the measures surrounding Corona, it is not yet possible to meet in groups. However, once allowed, Basecamp will start with various recurring weekend events and workshops where visitors and guests can acquire new skills in the field of sustainability and self-sufficiency. Think of urban gardening workshops, building a tiny house, composting, (kimchi) preserving / fermenting, growing oyster mushrooms, recycling / harvesting, woodworking and survival training.

Yoga-Plateau & Outdoor Gym

Thanks to the contribution of our guests during the woodworking workshops, we will build an indoor Yoga Plateau and an outdoor Gym. This means that our guests can always go for a morning or afternoon workout, followed by an ocean dive.

New partnerships and collaborations

Basecamp is constantly on the lookout for new partners who wish to test and improve their product or service at Basecamp. Thanks to our partners, Basecamp is a “living lab” for the development of new forms of sustainable and regenerative living. Do you offer a service or product that matches our philosophy, projects or future plans? If so, contact us and lets find out if we can work together.

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