To be able to make a reservation for our accommodations, we need personal information from you. We understand that you would like to know what data we need, why we ask this data from you, who sees your data and how long we keep this data. In the privacy policy below we answer all these questions and more.

1. Responsible for your personal data

The responsible party for the processing operations referred to in this privacy policy is Basecamp IJmuiden B.V., hereinafter referred to as ‘Basecamp IJmuiden’ and/or ‘Basecamp Tiny House Eco Retreat’. Within Basecamp, the Data Protection Officer is responsible for processing personal data. The contact details are:

Basecamp IJmuiden B.V.
D. Hoffer
Kennemermeer 27
1976 GK IJmuiden

Phone: +31(0)20-2442324
Chamber of Commerce: 80572081

2. Your rights regarding your personal data

We attach great importance to the protection of your personal data. You can request, change, block or delete your data collected by us at any time. You can also object to the registration, use and processing of your personal data. If you wish, you can contact us by using the information above.

Every booking for an accommodation made by you is processed through our booking system at MEWS. This system stores data that is necessary to make your stay at Basecamp Tiny House Eco Retreat possible.

If you have already booked at Basecamp Tiny House Eco Retreat, you can view and change your details in your MEWS account. If you want to view, change, block or delete your data, we will comply with this within 30 days. You will receive an email confirmation of the desired action.

Don’t like promotional newsletters or direct mail? Simply unsubscribe from our newsletters and other communications via the website. Do you have complaints or comments about our privacy policy? We hope, of course, that you always report this to us immediately so that we can address your complaint, but you can always report your complaints to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

3. Different services and retention periods

By making a reservation, requesting information, purchasing accommodation at Basecamp Tiny House Eco Retreat or subscribing to our newsletter, your personal data is automatically included in our database.

We use your data to communicate the status of your reservation and payment, to send you the necessary information about your stay and/or to keep you informed of interesting offers for our products and services. If you do not wish to provide your e-mail address when booking, it is best to make a booking by phone.

You can contact Basecamp Tiny House Eco Retreat in one or more ways. Below is a description of which data we need from you and what the retention period of this data is.

In order to properly carry out your requests, we need personal data from you, this information differs per situation:
• When applying for a newsletter: title, language, name, telephone and/or email details;
• When making a booking for an accommodation: including personal identification data such as name and address details, e-mail address, IBAN number, credit card details and date of birth.

The above data is kept for a maximum of three years and a maximum of seven years for all information that must be kept in the context of the tax registration obligation (for the tax authorities). The retention period is shorter if you inform us by e-mail or post that this should be deleted earlier.

Credit card details are not transparent for Basecamp Tiny House Eco Retreat. This information is hidden by default by the MEWS booking software.

4. Who will see your personal data?

We understand that you want to know who will see your personal data. Below we explain who has access to your data and why it is necessary for these people to be able to view your data.

4.1 Internal processors of your personal data

In order to properly process your information request, reservation, subscription to the newsletter or purchase of an accommodation on Basecamp Tiny House Eco Retreat in our systems, it is important that employees of Basecamp Tiny House Eco Retreat can view your data. This way they can be of service to you, inform you correctly and contact you. These people only have professional access to your data and will handle your personal data with the utmost care.

4.2 External processors of your personal data

In order to serve you as quickly and efficiently as possible, we use a number of external parties. Below we briefly indicate which parties may see your data and why it is necessary for these parties to have access to your personal data.

4.2.1 Booking Systems

In order to properly register the availability of our accommodations and the making of bookings, we use an external booking system provided by MEWS. In addition, bookings can be made via the online platform of

Airbnb and/or These are one of the most used booking systems in the tourism industry and are well secured. Making bookings via these booking systems, and the communication between these booking systems, is necessary because in this way we prevent double bookings and can provide all our customers with up-to-date information about their booking.

4.2.2 Payment Processors

As a customer, you can transfer the invoice via a normal bank transfer to the account number of Basecamp Tiny House Eco Retreat. However, we would also like to offer our customers the option to pay via iDeal or credit card. If you choose one of these payment methods, your payment will go through an external payment processor, such as a bank or credit card company and/or payment processors such as Adyen, Stripe, iDeal and/or Mollie.

5. Your visit to our website

When you visit our site, the following data can be (automatically) registered on our server:

• which pages are visited and how long you stay on this page;
• your IP address (a unique number that is automatically assigned to your computer by your internet provider when you access the Internet), to distinguish you as a unique visitor for our statistics, but also to protect our website against cyber attacks ( e.g. DDoS attacks);
• the name of your computer system and type of Internet browser so that we can continue to improve our site for the systems our visitors use and so that we can better solve any problems.

The above does not read any personal information from your computer. This information is also under no circumstances used to determine your identity. Apart from this information and the information you enter yourself when making a booking, registration or request, no information is stored.

6. Cookies

The website of Basecamp IJmuiden ( uses cookies. These are temporary files on your computer in which information is stored for use on our website. These cookies come from Basecamp IJmuiden itself and parties that Basecamp IJmuiden works with. In all cases, the information we collect with cookies, or are collected in cookies on our behalf, is not personally traceable or identifiable.

All cookies remain on your computer for a limited time. When this period has expired, the information is refreshed. You can block the use of cookies in your internet browser; you can find out how this works in your case via the ‘Help’ section of your browser. Please note: if you have disabled cookies in your browser, you will not be able to use all applications on our website. For detailed information about cookies, please refer to our Cookies Policy.

7. Safety

Your payment and personal details are sent to our information system via the Internet. Basecamp Tiny House Eco Retreat uses registered security techniques to protect this data and to prevent loss, mutilation, or theft. This is visible to you through the lock that appears at the bottom of your browser when making a booking.

When using your MEWS account, you may be asked to choose a password. Always choose a secure password and keep it a secret. It is always a good idea to regularly renew the passwords you use online.

Contact us

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or other matters relating to our services or this site, please feel free to contact us. Your question or comment will be handled professionally, confidentially, and as soon as possible.

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